about the gif and giggle booth

The GIF and Giggle GIF booth is not your average "photo booth", but a spin on the classic party add-on.  It captures and delivers unlimited instant GIFs right to your guests' cell phones for them to enjoy and share.  The setup has a much smaller footprint than the average enclosed photo booth, it is completely wireless and has an attractive, sleek design.  It's quick and easy to use by people of all ages, which means no waiting in long lines, so they can get right back to the party!

See the GIF booth in action below


What Others are Saying About the GIF and Giggle GIF Booth

GIF and Giggle was a decision we made late in our wedding planning, but it was BY FAR one of the best decisions we ever made. I was a “photo booth” skeptic, but this is way more interactive and fun for ALL guests. I cannot tell you how many wedding guests came up to me and said how much fun they were having making GIFs and photos. I even had a few friends take a business card from Nicole. Props are not needed, but also another fun addition to the setup. The whole setup is easy and very pretty. It doesn’t take up a ton of room either. All in all, I couldn’t imagine not having the GIF and Giggle Photo Booth at my wedding. We are already thinking of future parties to have it again! You will not be disappointed booking GIF and Giggle with NKP!
— Lauren, Bride
I had this at my sister’s bridal shower and it was so much fun! Everyone was easily able to work it and we were laughing about the pictures and GIFs days later. It was last minute so I didn’t have props, but that was totally okay because we did not need them! We had it again at her wedding and we’re still laughing at the hilarious pictures and GIFs that came from that night.
— Kaitlyn, Event Host
People loved this at our wedding! It was something different that they had not seen before compared to the normal photo booth setup. Even our parents’ friends had fun with it! It did not need a lot of space so we were able to have it set up right next to the bar which provided for the entertainment. Definitely worth booking for your event!
— Teresa, Bride
I’m THRILLED we did this for our wedding. I highly recommend and it’s cheaper than one of those tacky stand up booths! It’s FUN and it sends right to your phone immediately to post on social media.
— Megan, Bride
GIF and Giggle was such a hit at our wedding! Weeks later, our guests are STILL talking about how unique and fun it was and how they wished they had this at every wedding. Tyler was our booth attendant at our wedding and he was super helpful assisting our guests. The booth itself doesn’t take up a lot of space or require props... be prepared for your guests to get in line to create GIFs over and over again and having an absolute amazing time! I would recommend GIF and Giggle to anyone looking for something their guests will love that’s not the standard, old fashioned “photo booth”!
— Jackie, Bride